Freshen up your front door this weekend

I recently posted how pleased I was that my front door still looked great 2 years after I freshened it up. This led to followers asking for some tips on how to do this. With the next Summer Bank Holiday coming up why not include it in your DIY plan? Here are my top tips for your front door refresh.

Before you begin…
• Choose a good weather day
• Prepare all your necessary equipment. You will need
• Cleaning product
• Lint free cloths
• Methylated or white spirit
• A good paint brush (about 2 -3”)
• Small brush for cutting in around windows if applicable
• Scraper
• Filler and filling knife
• Step ladder
• Masking tape
• Screwdrivers for hardware removal
• floor protector
• Paint &/or undercoat/primer ( your local family run paint store can advise )
• Protective gloves and mask
• Mini roller and paint tray

1. Clear the area around your door and remove as much hardware as you can. If it is easy to remove the door from hinges go ahead. But don’t worry if not. Just take your time and be careful.
2. Wash the door down with decorators cleaner, rinse and allow to dry
3. Mask off any hardware and windows.
4. Scrape away loose flaking/peeling paint.
5. Sand the door to remove any further loose paint with course / medium sanding pad or electric sander.
6. Fill any areas that need it, allow to dry and smooth out with fine / medium sanding pad.
7. Brush / vacuum away all dust and wipe over with spirit. Allow to dry.
8. If you are changing the door colour apply appropriate undercoat/primer and allow to dry. Apply by working around any panelling and windows with brush, working out with with your mini roller checking all the time for neatness. Work in small sections from middle to edges, top to bottom of the door. Allow to dry before the next coat.
9. Check for any errors such as small drips, or



particles which may have attached while wet. Sand off with fine to medium pad. Apply as many coats of primer/undercoat as necessary until coverage is achieved ( 2-3 ).
10. Repeat steps 8 and 9 with top coat. Allow to dry thoroughly
11. Re-apply hardware

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